Mobile Development

Mobile Development

Well, the world is changing and technologies change too. The most significant change over the last decades has been the immense growth of mobile technologies and different devices.

It's something that is developing faster than anything has ever done. This fast development requires continuous improvement and "keeping up with the pace".

Well, we are completely capable of doing this. Our Mobile developers create Applications for Android and iOS platforms, and have even successfully proven themselves as good professionals in IoT development, creating apps for remote control of some devices.

My Pet

One of the successful Android applications created by our team with cooperation our Korean collegue, is the MyPet application. It allows people sell pets and supplies for pets using an Android device.

Wise Dragon

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ITSpace LLC is rather regardful, and has earned the trust of a great number of companies. We shall trust them the creation of our next IT products too.

Delta Telecom Administration

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