DeltaTV and

February 26, 2021

DeltaTV and


Delta Telecom is the greatest Internet Provider in Shirak Region, and ITSpace LLC created their website. Delta Telecom has also 2 TV channels, and ITSpace LLC has created the website of these channels too.

Client: Delta Telecom

Services: Web Development

Industry: Internet and Telecommunications

Check it here: Delta TV , DeltaTelecom


Delta Telecom is one of the greatest internet provider companies in Shirak region of Armenia, serving thousands of users and hundreds of companies. As the company was growing bigger and bigger constantly, it needed a web tool to manage all the processes of the company easier.


So the administration of this company asked ITSpace LLC for help. The managerial staff started the communication with Delta Telecom, and soon the main design and the primary functionalities were clear for us. So we started the development, managing the work of the developers with agile methodology, as during the further communication with the customer company new features and functionalities appeared.

The management system can be best characterized with one word – complex.

It has different sections to manage the tasks of the technical staff of the company (the tasks may be to turn ON/OFF the internet, to repair damages, etc.).