Emotion Delivery

February 26, 2021

Emotion Delivery


Emotion Delivery is a system of delivery of unique presents in Shirak region. During the few months of its existence the service has been able to get a certain market of customers, because through its activity it provides a very ingenious solution to such a serious, important, but at the same time to a very complicated problem as is the choosing and delivery of gifts

Client: ITSpace LLC

Services: Web Development

Industry: eCommerce

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The inhabitants of Shirak Region experienced a huge problem in sense of making presents for their relatives for different occasions. Before the development of Emotion Delivery there was not any online service to take online orders and deliver presents

Solution is the first of its kind online platform in Shirak region, engaged in online ordering and free delivery of flowers and original gifts. The program began its activity as a new startup in April 2019, and during not so long time of its existence it already managed to record quite good results, starting its cooperation with various regional brands and providing quite good sales volumes. This online platform of emotion delivery aims to solve several problems which exist in the market which are very important for the region: Among such problems are:
1. to facilitate the process of choosing gifts and make it more interactive
2. to organize the process of gift delivery in local and international levels
3. to develop small business in Shirak region
4. to popularize and spread “Made in Shirak’’ brand by entering the world market
5. to develop the technological sphere in Shirak region
6. create new jobs

1.2) The choice of gifts is both important and complex process, because it concerns not only the taste, personal preferences of the person, but also is very time-consuming and tedious. In addition, it is a very important task for the people who live outside Shirak region to make gifts for their relatives who live in the Shirak region. is focused on addressing these issues, and in the few months of its existence it has already managed to solve this problem quite widely. However, there are enormous activities to be done in this area.

3.4) Currently certain brands operating in Shirak region (Siroon, Nakhshoone, DopAmine, HayAr) are able to bring their own products to the market and provide a stable market for these products and a large volume of sales through the cooperation with The increase in sales contributes to the expansion and development of individual entrepreneurship in the region.

5) The startup, which moves forward quite rapidly, has rather ambitious plans of development, which technologically include the provision of in the most advanced online shops of the world (ebay, amazon, shopify), as well as to use a system of personalized present suggestion.

6) In case of realization of such development prospects, the idea has the potential to gather around itself a larger team of those who implement it, thereby ensuring the creation of new jobs and increasing the level of employment in the region.