Project Magement

Project Management

What is the key factor of success in different undertakings? The answer is simple and complicated at the same time.

No matter what it is, one of the keys for success is MANAGEMENT. Be it a company operating in food making sector, in manufacturing, financial or any other sector, management is the power that not only makes things done, but also supervises the quality, does monitoring in order to find the week sides at the processes, and tries always to improve it.

Our individual approach is something that our customers value most in the design created by us. Not only the desktop, but also responsive and mobile design are highly appreciated by our clients.

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However in IT industry classical methods of management don’t work, and that’s why Management in IT companies is a complete different thing called Project Management.

We use the best principles and methods in management to carry out our projects. The technological tools of project or workflow management, such as Trello, Jira, Asana and others, are used to make the process of implementation and supervision of tasks easier and more transparent. We try to keep up with the most modern technological achievements while carrying out the management of our projects.

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“They worked hard, made attention to the dynamic of our whole project and good deal. The company was able to address all our concerns and provide a quality solution in the timely manner.”

Kirsten Simpson

IT Manager, Rickson and Company

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